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20 September 2016 @ 04:56 pm
Sherm left early for work yesterday to drop off another $400 to our manager at the apartment office.
She was on lunch so he couldn't see the place, but I called a little while after he left and got an appointment to see it!
So Jess picked me up after she got off work and we met her there.
I'm in love with it!

There's hard wood floors (okay, it's the snap on flooring but it does look really nice!) throughout, no carpet.
This means I can sell my brand new vacuum to my stepmom, too! :D

Our bathroom is really nice and big, with a fancy little vanity space.
Really nice mirror and cute little sconces.
The utility closet with washer and dryer hookups is in the bathroom, and we'll be able to fit more stuff in there besides them,
and there's a huge shelf that runs the length of the closet so we'll have plenty of space for detergents and whatnot.
I want to put a few wicker baskets up there and decorate them with cute ribbons and stuff.
It'll be cute af! :D
I think I want to get a shower rod anyway (it's a sliding door tub/shower) just to hang a cute fabric shower curtain on the outside to make it look a little fancier...Those sliding doors are kinda eyesores to me.

Our bedroom is a nice space, very bright.
We'll definitely need black out curtains.
Nice sized closet, but I'll definitely have to figure out something with all of Zarie's stuff because it's not huge.
I think I'll get a clear shoe organizer and put it on the back of our bedroom door for her little stuff...
And I have a rollie rack that we can also use for more space for clothes, and we also have a dresser.
I'm going to go through all of my clothes tonight and downsize to what I actually wear and goodwill the rest.
All of our bedroom furniture and Zarie's (future) crib are glossy black, so everything matches!

There's a small utility closet with plenty of shelving in between our two bedrooms for linens and whatever.

Sherm's mom is getting the smaller room, obviously.
It has no windows and a weird ass door.
I hate it but Sherm said she won't mind it at all because she's lived in much smaller, weirder spaces and she's not one to chill in her room all the time anyway.

The living room is a nice size for us.
It's nice and bright and has a tiny coat closet.
The flooring connecting the kitchen to living room was starting to bow in a few spots and was completely disconnected for the snaps from the threshold, and when I got a little upset about this, the manager assured me the maintenance men would be in to rip up the entire thing and lay down fresh flooring before we moved in.
This is literally the only time I've been vocal about something upsetting me....I've lived in the shittiest little places because I needed something fast...however, this is going to be our home for a while and as much money as we're putting into moving here, it needs to be nice and at the very least not a cause for concern of any of us (especially me and Z) getting injured. Jessica and I both felt very proud of me speaking up.
She said we could probably get moved in on Monday and I frowned and said we'd really like to be moved before the weekend.
She said she would stay on top of them to make sure it happened :)

So the kitchen is kinda small, but open.
So I'm thinking a small bistro table would be perfect for it,
and I can put my bookcase along the wall with the weird door.
I like the idea of having a book case in my kitchen with all my witchy stuff on it since well..that's where I do most of my witchery.
I guess the other bookcase will go in the living room.
Jessica is giving me her coffee table FINALLY after me begging for it for years!
It's super cool lookin.
It looks like a big trunk with a long drawer and it's got a globe and maps all over it.
She's giving me a few end tables too, so that'll be freakin awesome.

We just need a couch and a tv stand, and a little bistro table and chairs.
Oh well and a washer and dryer.
And a bed for Sherm's mama, but we got her a nice air mattress for right now.
(Also thanks to Jess.)

I am so fuckinggggggg exciteddddddd <33333
And so is Sherm, he loves it.
I did a walk through video for him since he couldn't be there with us.
He doesn't like the weird door either, but Jess brought up a good idea.
If we stay there she can see Zarie being a toddler playing there in the breezeway while I'm cooking if we're cool with our neighbors.
(The door is directly off the kitchen, with our neighbor's weird kitchen door directly in front of it and there's a breezeway that seperates us. You can't access these doors from the outside, so they do seem kindof safe, but it still scares the fuck outta me. There's also ANOTHER door from Sherm's mom's room that is a security door. So there's 3 doors that can get you outside. It all seems pretty ghetto to me, and has kindof kept me on edge so far because I'm terrified of getting robbed and murdered... Kindof a deep rooted fear from that time I was stalked... But Sherman assures me we'll be safe and he's going to buy a gun soon too.)

I really want to pack up the rest of our stuff, but my foot is seriously fucked today.
Now I think I have a high ankle sprain in addition to the lower, because it hurts way above where I initially hurt it.
The entire inside of my foot is bruised, along with my 3 smallest toes, and it's more swollen now than it was when I fell.
These sharp pains keep shooting through it and man....it really is awful.
I'm going to try to do what I can tonight despite all this because tomorrow I'll be gone all day (Nashville doctor appointment)
and then Thursday is probably our moving day.

Wish us luck at the doctor's!
Come onnnnn cervix length, get us at 3 or 4 cm!!!
Current Mood: CRAZY HAPPY
Melmerilune on September 20th, 2016 11:15 pm (UTC)
So exciting!! it sounds like a great place for you guys. You should post pics when you're all moved in!